Baxon set to release new merchandise


What They Saaay?

Due to the current covid 19 pandemic that has took the world by a storm, the entertainment industry seems to be the industry that has been adversely affected by this as compared to other industries.
Artists had to find other ways in which they could earn income as shows, social gathering have been cancelled till further notice.  Baxon is one of those artists that have found a way to monetize his brand.
Earlier this week Baxon stated that he is set release his own clothing merchandise. i.e from T Shirts to Masks.
The masks are already available for sale at P70 each.

Preview Baxon's merchandise below:

Black Mask

Baxon "Blue Mask"

    The below tees are set to be released soon.

Baxon "White Tees"

Baxon "Black Tees"

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